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  1. Appropriate Biotechnologies Communication and Diffusion (ABCD) with special reference to biological agents (bio-fertilizers & bio-pesticides) production and GM seed quality for Rural Development – Phase I
  2. Conducted pilot survey of emergence of adult beetles & white grub infestation on sugarcane.
  3. Conducted laboratory and field trails to assess efficacy  of Entomo Pathogenic Nematode (EPN), Heterorhabditis indica and Steinernema on white grub control in collaboration with IARI.
  4. Published and distributed booklet & pamphlets on management of white grub.
  5. Encouraged farmers to make Self Help Groups for creating common production units for organic inputs and market linked processing units for organic agri produce.
  6. Participated in Kisaan Gosthies and Kisaan Mela (s) organized by KVK, State Department of Agriculture & Horticulture.




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