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The organization “FARMER” was established, in 2002, with the aim for the welfare of villagers especially farmers, youths and women for the overall development of village. The vision of the organization is to create awareness among farmers about the proper utilization of government and non government available resources with the farmers and villages, by management and coordination, environment protection, promotion of sustainable development of agriculture to improve standard of living in rural areas.



  1. To impart information on diversified and balanced agriculture and animal husbandry based development and value addition of agri produce to farmers.
  2. Development of agriculture based enterprises at village level to create employment opportunities.
  3. Development of traditional technologies available at village level.
  4. Promotion of organic farming and Integrated Pest management (IPM) by proper utilization of locally available resources and organic inputs.
  5. Create awareness among farmers about the importance of quality testing of Agri inputs, precautions to be taken while purchasing agri inputs and making available quality agri inputs to farmers at reasonable price and proper time.
  6. Promotion of environmental related programmes.
  7. Promotion of programmes related to soil testing and soil conservation.
  8. Create awareness to people about the village development related programmes being run by government and non government agencies and extend possible help in implementation of programmes.
  9. Promotion of programmes on holistic development of villages and assist in sustainable development of agriculture.
  10.  Extend help to farmers in marketing of agri produce and obtaining financial assistance from government and non government agencies.
  11. Motivation of farmers & villagers to form “Self Help Groups” to participate in government planning, attain self sufficiency and prosperity. Also extend guidance and help in natural calamities and epidemics.
  12. Create awareness among farmers and villagers about their rights and duties and make efforts to ensure protection thereof.


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