Mr. Satish Mann

Mr. Satish Maan

With more than 20 years of experience in agri-tech solutions, food processing, agri-business and agri commodity procurement, Satish Mann has successfully managed large quantity of procurement assignments of mustard and soybean as well as their timely processing and distribution. During the harvest season, he managed more than 20000 tonnes procurement of soybean and mustard. He has gained vast experience of handing procurement of agri-commodity and conversant with the procurement processes, systems and regulations. He can quickly setup procurement team who are capable of procuring from the mandies and cluster of villages in any geographical locations in Northern-India where he has established vast network and socially connected with farmers and farming organisations at the grass-root level.

He spearheaded the procurement team of Varuna Agro Proteins Ltd which owned solvent extraction plant that required huge quantity of soybean and other oil-seeds. In Unimet Profile Pvt. Ltd, a sister concern of Unitech, he was the consultant for post-harvest technologies such as cold storage, warehouse and telecom tower development for new projects. He was the founder of Ashrok Prefab Pvt. Ltd. for manufacturing of prefab building for affordable housing in hilly and earth quake prone areas. He founded Convexicon Software Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. for providing GPRS and GPS services for vehicle tracking systems and software development.